It’s a situation no home, rental property or business owner ever wants to find themselves in, dealing with drug users or a drug lab.

You can’t trust just anybody with clean-up in these situations. There are many companies out there, however PestX have specialist experience, expertise in environmental hygiene and the legal aspects of both testing for and remediating methamphetamine residue and then clearing and returning the building to a habitable, safe and sanitised state.

What is the problem with Methamphetamine in a building?

What should I do?

If you suspect or know methamphetamine has been used in your building call PestX and we will organise an initial site test. If positive, then further independent laboratory analysis is required to determine exact residue levels. This analysis will inform us what type of remedial action is required.

PestX will only ever recommend remediation essential for the levels returned from the lab. We will be able to advise if items can be remediated or if they need to be discarded. Items do not need to be automatically discarded just because of a positive test result. We can potentially save you a great deal of money by only doing that which is absolutely essential. We are very transparent regarding the methodologies and actions required and will always explain why we recommend a certain plan and be able to justify that against government thresholds and industry best practice.

PestX has government, large corporations, real estate companies and individuals as clients. We have all required training, insurances and WHS procedures to perform any size job in a professional and safe manner.