BASF Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait


For the control of  flies.


Seclira® Pressurised Fly Bait is a new ground breaking, ready-to-use pressurised bait, enabling users to simply and precisely place bait where nuisance flies naturally go. Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait is powered by a unique, fast-acting active ingredient which, when applied to surfaces, dries clear and has no odour. Apply it to surfaces as a spot, or band treatment to control nuisance flies in seconds and provide up to 6-weeks residual efficacy.


Are you sick of spraying and spraying and spraying and spraying for flies (or maybe your hubby empties countless cans of fly spray – ha ha). Do you hate those festering containers of flies hanging around your home in those gross wet traps.

This is an EXCELLENT product. We use this product with our cafe and restaurant clients. Many, many home owners buy this product from us because flies drive them nuts.

Yes this appears like an expensive product for a can of spray – but remember it’s a professional product, it will last a long time. You will only use a light spray on selected surfaces, then you won’t need to do it again for at least 6 weeks. Every time you come home or go to your shop you’ll just see dead flies.

Weight .35 kg
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