Clear Out Crawling Insect Aerosol – (Fipronil)

$38.70 inc GST

Crawling Insect Aerosol for the control of ants and cockroaches in domestic, commercial and public buildings.

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A residual surface crack & crevice or spot treatment for control of COCKROACHES & ANTS.

The benefits of Clear-Out Crawling Insect Aerosol include:

• Precise, simple and convenient to use aerosol spray containing Fipronil.

• User friendly with no chemical decanting or mixing reduces contamination

• Perfect for tight cracks and crevices with the flip up nozzle straw

• Suitable during inspection or treatment saving time

• Designed for professional pest managers

• Easier to control spray volume which avoids overspray onto sensitive surfaces

Clear Out has a residual effect which means it will last where you spray it. This can will last a long time.


Pro Tip! – we use this product ourselves on the job. Brilliant. It is THE ONLY Fipronil based spray we know of that can be used inside. If you have ants tracking around your kitchen or bathroom this product is the business! Use on any ant (carbohydrate or protein feeder), brilliant for cockroaches too. Spray strategically into cracks and crevices around your cupboards, dishwasher, bathroom tile cracks, and/or apply discreetly to where insects hide or track. This product can transfer between insects to get colony control and eliminate your problem. Stop using fly spray – this is definitely what you need!

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