RCS Pro Rodent Station x 4 – Rats and Mice – Pre Baited includes key

$84.00 inc GST

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Keep your kids, dogs and wildlife safe from rodent baits but allow the rats and mice to get in – always use secure stations for rodent bait. Whether you are a home, business or farm.

RCS Pro Rodent stations x 4 includes key and bonus complimentary bait.

Comes in any colour you like as long as you like Black (ha ha).

Comes with a key and is pre-baited with Ditrac (one of best selling single feed professional rodent baits).

These stations can be used inside or outside. We have been using these stations in our pest control business for years and have many in direct tropical sun and they are still holding up. Of course if you are using in a sunny position you will have to consider which bait you should use long term. We would recommend Maki Block as a tough heat resistant “weather-proof” block. If baiting turnover is rapid, then any bait that you like will be fine we recommend something like Talon XT Pro or Ditrac.

The stations hold up to 5 Ditrac sized baits. 5 baits is plenty for both rats and mice. We suggest while the rodents are thick and your bait is being consumed that you check and replenish baits every 3 days. Once feeding slows up you can lengthen the time frame out.

These are a popular product among pest controllers because they do the job and are a good price.

Carton purchase is also available – see our other listings.


You are welcome to call us and discuss you situation to find out which bait will perform best for your needs.

If you need a carton of stations or larger bulk order please phone the office for a custom price.


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