Scarecrow Bird Repellent Gel


Prevents pigeons, sparrows and starlings from perching and roosting where applied.

Apply strips of the gel to areas where pest species of birds roost or perch. Comes in a standard caulking gun size cartridge. Product does not contain any type of pesticide or avicide and is not designed to cull. It is an irritant to the birds when they land on the sticky substance. The product may or may not slump in direct sunlight. Re-application of this product may be required over time.

The gels soft pliable nature causes the birds to experience feelings of insecurity and discomfort. As a result birds will not settle on areas treated with this product.

Do NOT apply to areas used for the preparation, storage or handling of foodstuffs.
Do NOT contaminate ponds, waterways or drains with the chemical or used containers.
Do NOT apply where protected or non-target bird species may become entrapped.
Remove or replace any of the products that has been damaged or flattened.


Weight .25 kg
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