Synergy Pro 500 gr – Ant Granules

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Kill the Nest!

This is one of our favourite on the job products. When customers have ant troubles in the house it is always because the ants are going crazy outside the house.

There are 2 types of ants – those that eat sugar, and those that eat protein and/or fat. These granules can target both species. If you have black ants – even though they chase sugar, they will eat this granule (within seconds). Browns ants will often be protein feeders, so they will hit this fast too. Meat ants – gone!

The benefit of a granule is the ants cart it down in to the nest and feed it to EVERYONE including the Queen. Once you kill the brood and the Queen it’s game over for the rest of the nest.

To apply to your lawn drop one pinch of product for every step you take (or every square metre). Inside the house drop a good sized pinch where ever you see ants working.

Like all baits we recommend you only deploy when there are ants working. Don’t just put it out on the off-chance some ant will wander by.

Do lock up cats / dogs etc when using as they will like this product. You only need to keep them off it for a few hours while the ants consume the bait. Always read the label.

Synergy Pro ant bait is the most advanced ant bait on the market, designed to make ant control simple. The unique, granular formulation contains

• Two different food granules for broad spectrum control throughout the year

• Two different actives to target worker and reproductive ants for complete colony control





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