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Sweet Smelling Clean Carpets

PestX clean and freshen carpets all across Central Queensland.

Clean carpets are essential for your health and well-being, especially if you have a respiratory issue such as asthma. We all know carpets can be full of a built up of dirt, grime, food and allergens that can be potential health risks to you, your family, employees or customers. By hygienically cleaning carpets you are reducing possible contaminants such as dead skin cells, dirt and an array of other nasties we might walk through the door.  

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning: 

  • Improving Health by removing dust mites and microbes that live in carpet and feed on dead human skin cells.
  • Get a longer life out of your carpets by dealing with spills, grime and dirt that we walk into our carpets every day. 
  • Freshen up the look of your home by removing the build up of dirt and dust that can cause the surface of carpets to look dingy and grey over time. 
  • Lift crushed carpet in high traffic areas.
  • Removing odours that build up in carpets over time
  • Remove animal hair and dander 

Don’t forget that all that grime and dirt we walk into our carpets every day and the accidental spills that we can’t clean thoroughly all wear our carpet down. So instead of having you carpets replaced too soon, give them a good clean more regularly and get a longer life out of them.

Why use PestX for Carpet Cleaning?

Good question. We know that as a homeowner or renter, you’re more than likely very busy. Organising services such as carpet cleaning or pest control can easily fall to the bottom of your to-do list. With PestX, you can effectively kill two birds with one stone (or two bugs with one phone call!).

Our experienced and highly trained technicians will work diligently to ensure that your carpet is given the most thorough clean, using the most environmentally friendly products available.

Renters/Real Estate

GET YOU BOND BACK.  We’ll come to your rental property and clean the carpets while also taking care of your flea/tick/cockroach treatment if you’ve had pets – all done affordablyprofessionally and painlessly. You’ll get everything you need from us to get your bond back and make your real estate agent happy!

Professional & Thorough Cleaning


For businesses, carpet cleaning, along with pest control is often a ‘bottom of the list’ item, meaning they’re not “sexy” or “fun” things, these are maintenance items, but none-the-less really important to the life of your business to ensure a healthy and clean environment. PestX can come to your business and efficiently take care of both issues for you, leaving you to only deal with one supplier and to let you get on with business. You live on your carpets, so let’s keep them clean and fresh.

Home Owners

We also work with many home owners who regularly get their carpets and lounges steam cleaned with PestX. It makes sense to do this regularly, it’s a bit like washing a dirty shirt. You live on your carpets and lounges, keep them clean and fresh. We clean rooms, rugs, couches and vehicles – contact us to make your booking today.

Water – Storms – Emergency

Maybe your building has been flooded with a burst water pipe, storm damage, flood, leaky roof. PestX can extract that water so your carpets can dry out and you can get back to normal quickly. We are adept at working with insurance companies in these sorts of events, so we know what the expectations are. After/before hours call-outs are available by negotiation, and we offer a 24 hour emergency service for those untimely events.

If you have flood water inside your premises you need to act NOW to get it out before mould starts to grow and timber damage goes crazy. PestX knows how to make your premises fresh, dry and germ free again.

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